OR Tambo 100 Days Countdown

Key points of discussion:
• What he represented and the values he cherished (He had been the president of the ANC for two decades, having assumed the reins of leadership after the passing of
Chief Albert Luthuli in 1967)
• His humility, loyalty and wisdom (many describe him as the glue that held the national democratic revolution together for almost three decades)
• His leadership in placing the gender question at the centre of the liberation struggle agenda (he championed his belief that post-apartheid South Africa must not only
be non-racial and prosperous, but also non-sexist)
• Defining his rare leadership qualities and negotiation skills that compelled our late former President Nelson Mandela to describe him as “a great giant that strode the
globe like a colossus.” (we are also told that Internationalism and solidarity with the struggling people of the world is one pillar of struggle that defined the revolutionary
character of OR - many countries recognised him as a diplomat and accorded him the status of a head of state)
• His stance on non-racialism (post the Morogoro Conference of 1969, he reached out to ANC leaders and Black Consciousness leaders to convert them to the politics
of non-racialism)