African Forest Forum

The African Forest Forum is currently underway in Entebbe Uganda, where a regional workshop is underway aiming to share knowledge and experiences on issues related to climate change in African forestry. The African Forest Forum is an association which brings together experts and individuals who are committed to the sustainable management and conservation of Africa’s forest and tree resources.

To look at this we are now joined by:

• Prof. Godwin Kowero, the Executive Secretary of the African Forest Forum, is a Tanzanian professor of forest economics and policy analysis.

• Marie-Louise Avana- Tientcheu is the Director of Studies and Lecturers Affairs, University of Dschang- Cameroun/ Coordinator of the International Master curricula in Agroforestry/ Department of Forestry/Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences/

• Dr Marfa Chipeta, FAO Director of Policy Assistance