29 Mar Tirelo ya phitlho kwa tumelo ya se Islam le Adam Mohammed

Re buisana le Rre Adam Mohammed, mogokgo wa sekolo sa Ahmed Kathrada Iqra School of Mafikeng, ka tirelo ya phitlho kwa tumelo ya se Islam, bogolo jang re lebile tirelo phitlho ya molwela kgololosego, Rre Ahmed Kathrada yo a fitlhwang gompieno.

The word “Islam” means the “achievement of peace with Allah [god] and man, and complete resignation to Allah in thoughts, words, beliefs, and deeds.”
Moslems, the followers of the Islamic religion, live by the Koran. The Koran teaches:
• There is one God, Allah.
• There is a day of judgment and a life after death.
• To pray five times a day.
• To fight for the sake of Allah.
• To perform duties of generosity.
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