R10b surplus for ESKOM says Acting CEO

A heated energy debate has raged for some time in South Africa, exposing the intricacies of the country's energy mix. The jostling has largely been dominated by the Independent Power Producers, who've accused Eskom of refusing to sign them up.The SA Renewable Energy Council claims that Eskom is abusing its position as it controls both the grid and the bulk of power generation. They also suggest the power utility should be split to separate the generation component from the grid component, and that the grid component should be independent of who ever supplies power to the grid. On the Forum@8, we focus on these 'Energy Mix debates in South Africa as we ask: 'What's the best energy mix the country needs?" Sakina Kamwendo engages Matshela Koko, ESKOM Acting Group Chief Executive and Brenda Martin from the South African Renewable Energy Council (SAREC).