30 Nov Water Management

Following the successful outcomes of the 1st Regional Meeting on Tools for the Sustainable Management of Transboundary Aquifers held in July 2015, this meeting is the second in a row of regional meetings on transboundary aquifers in the Southern Africa region. It addresses contemporary issues related to the management of transboundary aquifers in the region, with particular focus on the Stampriet and the Ramotswa transboundary aquifers, shared between, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa; and Botswana and South Africa, respectively. Both projects related to these aquifers (led by UNESCO-IHP and IWMI, respectively) are moving into the second phase, and this meeting will take stock of progress and next steps. It will also provide essential training related to legal and institutional tools and approaches to management of transboundary aquifers.

To help us link up:

• Dr Karen Villholth - Sub-Theme Leader and Principal Researcher, Groundwater and Underground Solutions, at the International Water Management Institute

• Mr Phera Ramoeli - Senior Programme Officer (Water Sector) in the Directorate of Infrastructure and Services – SADC Secretariat
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