Forestry Conference in Togo

The African Forestry Forum is a pan African non-governmental organisation that brings together individuals who share the quest for and commitment to the sustainable management, use and conservation of the forest and tree resources of Africa. The organisation has generated considerable information on various aspects of forestry and forestry including climate change, green economy, provision of quality tree germplasms , forest and tress pests and diseases, forest governance , and forest certification. As more stakeholders take steps towards developing and implementing forestry compatible development (FCD), the demand for information and knowledge on forestry, and more specifically on forest management, is growing rapidly.
To talk to us about this we are joined by:
1. Prof Godwin Kowero Executive Secretary African Forestry Furum (AFF)
2. Dr Mbolo Abada Marie Marguerite Senior Lecturer University Yaounde
3. Humphrey Ngibuini Kenya Delegate