Jagersfontein’s Diamonds in the Rough is a self-funded project founded by Lerato Machetela. The group was set up as an initiative which seeks to provide the male youth of Jagersfontein with an alternative lifestyle and platform where they could freely and creatively express themselves and still feel like “real men”. Machetela believes that due to the culturally embedded norm that “real men don’t cry”, men are denied the opportunity to experience and express their pain and humanness in an appropriate manner thus, they ruminate their emotions and later act them out through reactive actions, which are usually detrimental to their wellbeing. What started out as a small project on the dusty roads of Jagersfontein has spiraled into an entertainment project which performs at various events such as MACUFE (Mangaung African Cultural Festival), Bloem Show, International Museums Day, as well as various heritage day celebrations.