Cedarwoods, Men's Style and Good Luck

This week Heather looks forward to @DrJohnDemartini talk @SandtonEvents on raising your deserve level, and achieving your highest potential - its going to be a a great talk if you are looking to shift your mindest.

Impact Dance 1 is an exciting new dance colab that opens @JoburgTheatre on Thursday 18th of August - if you love contemporary dance, this is the event for you.

Heather has dinner vouchers to give way from @GreenPeppercorn - all you have to do is tweet her on @HeatherLHook and tell her who you will be taking to dinner if you win - please use the hashtag #GreenPeppercorn.

She catches up with @GoodLuckLive band @EmmarentiaLive and we find out a bit more about their new album, and what they love to do in their spare time.

@CedarwoodsOS is the place to stay in Woodmead and she chats to their marketing and sales manager about what makes them so awesome.

Once again a jam packed show from one of our most popular presenters. Connect with her on @HeatherLHook on Twitter @HeatherLouiseHook on Instagram or visit her site www.heatherhook.com