Guest: Khethi Ngwenya - Managing Director of School Media

-He started as an entrepreneur at the age of 10.
-While he was in school at the age of 17 was elected CEO of Y.E.S Young Entrepreneurs of Soweto
-In 2010 he founded www.SchoolMedia.co.za
-In 2011 he started the Going Green Project which manged to educate 100 schools on environmental awareness and plant 4500 Trees in schools across South Africa.
- In 2012 SchoolMedia secured advertising rights in 9000 schools in South Africa
-In 2013 SchoolMedia was nominated 702 talk radio small business awards
-In 2014 he went through an Medo UK small buinses incubation program
-In 2015 he was nominated a global shaper and founded www.xhumana.co.za
-In 2016 SchoolMedia hosted a event with 16 000 youth and the President Jacob Zuma was a keynote speaker
Beside School Media Company
B- Khethi Ngwenya does give talks across Townships schools
C- khethi Ngwenya mentor young people through business leadership and study opportunities
D- He is involved in promoting green environment projects in Townships and CBD
E- He founded his business in a township and make it big in a disadvantage communities
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