24 Jun 8: In Conversation With Andre Blaze Henshaw

As promised in Episode 7 of the #AndilesTake podcast, this is the uncut conversation I (Andile Masuku) had with Nigeria's inimitable Andre "Blaze" Henshaw.Andre is easily one of Africa’s leading broadcasting talents. While he's probably most famous for his work on Nigerian public radio, and hosting primetime extravaganza’s like Nigeria’s Got Talent on television, it’s his work on the My Africa podcast (available on iTunes) that got me sensing a sort of kinship with him. He launched the podcast at a time when his media career was soaring, and the whole podcast scene on the continent wasn’t exactly vibing. Even now, podcasts are far from being mainstream commercial platforms, so like me, he certainly didn’t get into podcasting for the money. In this conversation, Andre and I chat about a whole range of topics, like how he became a hip-hop head, and what he means when he calls himself a "creative anthropologist". I also got him to explain where his trademark vocal style comes from, and why he's so taken with podcasting as a medium.
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