Sbusiso Hlongwane - Founder and CEO of Siyabangena Seminars

About the Seminar
• National township based business seminars aimed at empowering and inspiring the youth in their entrepreneurial journey and personal development
Aims & Objectives:
• Provides an opportunity for disadvantaged, unemployed yet ambitious youth to receive knowledge and be inspired.
• Evoke a culture of responsible and ambitious youth in all aspects of their lives; in business, at home, in sports/health and in their relationships
• Invites high-end speakers to motivate the aspiring township business owners
• Gives disadvantaged entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive knowledge from their idols even though they cannot afford to pay for business seminars
• Provides these motivated young individuals with an opportunity to listen to, meet and network with well known business people
To ultimately empower the youth who have an entrepreneurial spirit
•To identify leaders in disadvantaged communities and assist them in furthering their careers and improving their businesses.
•To create a culture of young entrepreneurs who will fearlessly chase their dreams despite current financial circumstances
•To give the entrepreneurs a day wherein they feel important and worthy to receive knowledge from key figures
•To empower entrepreneurs with business/corporate acumen skills
•To give the youth an opportunity to meet and network with business people, influential figures/sportsmen/leaders they look up to
•To instil morals and values