27 Aug #AndilesTake Episode 6 Promo

The next instalment of the #AndilesTake podcast will be out soon, and I’ll be exploring the art of presenting— giving you my take on what it takes to be a great communicator, and letting you in on some of the influences that have shaped the broadcaster I am today.Featuring in the upcoming special edition are three of South Africa’s best contemporary presenters, eTV news anchor, HOT 919 radio jock and voiceover artist Marc “The Voice” Chase, the irrepressible former corporate executive turned rockstar speaker, Alex Granger, and executive presentation coach, Founder and CEO of Business Presentation Skills Holdings, Beth-Ann Galvin— whose 30-year track record has rightfully earned her the reputation of being "The Presentation Fixer.”Enjoy these insightful moments from my chat with Beth-Ann.
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