We are what we will – a systems perspective on decisions, relationships...

"We are what we will – a systems perspective on decisions, relationships and practical implications for systems engineers" - Presented by Gericke Potgieter. Gericke Potgieter has an MA in Socio-Informatics from the University of Stellenbosch, specialising in the field of Judgment and Decision Making. His educational background gives him broad insight into the interaction between data, information, knowledge and the psychology of decisions. With a colourful career spanning nearly 20 years he has experience within the fields of communication systems, IT systems, training, software development, strategy consulting and most recently software automation.He is the managing director of Artifex Knowledge Engineering, a company that specialises in reducing risk through the development, automation and quality control of spreadsheet systems.
23 Apr 2015 English South Africa Technology · Health & Fitness

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