ECR Newsatch @ 12H00

A legal expert believes the exclusion of foreign nationals, especially those with valid documentation, from Road Accident Fund claims is unfair.
24 Sep 6AM English South Africa News

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ECR Newswatch @ 18H00

An independent energy consultant says while the High Court ruling on load shedding may look good on paper, it's highly impractical to implement.
4 Dec 11AM 2 min

ECR Newswatch @ 17H00

A search is underway for the gunmen behind the murder of a suspected drug dealer in Chatsworth in the south of Durban.
4 Dec 10AM 3 min

ECR Newswatch @ 16H00

Three Newcastle matric pupils have died in a car accident while returning home from a 'pens down' party.
4 Dec 9AM 3 min

ECR Newswatch @ 15H00

The Constitutional Court has dismissed an application by independent candidates seeking to raise the number of seats they can contest in the upcoming election.
4 Dec 8AM 3 min

ECR Newswatch @ 14H00

A young man who survived a near-drowning at Port Edward over the weekend is out of hospital.
4 Dec 7AM 3 min