A Conversation about worthiness & Wild Geese Studios

This conversation felt like love, I sat down with Lerato Phakade. A name you will want to remember, she shares her journey from being a consultant at McKinsey to owning her firm and now being a Jazz photographer/filmmaker. We had some audio challenges, but I promise you it's worth listening past the noise.
3 Oct 2023 English South Africa Personal Journals · Self-Improvement

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Remembering Yourself

In this episode, I had a lot of laughs with my brother, Onke Madlala. We were thinking about the journey of life and how we can get lost in it all. We chatted about what we mean by remembering yourself, honoring where you come from and those that came before…
5 Sep 2023 53 min

A discussion about failure and rest

In this episode I sat down with an old friend, Founder of Karani Leadership, Nizenande Machi. We met in her lovely home in Johannesburg, surrounded by pictures of her beautiful kids and the aroma of brewing coffee. We chatted about her perspective on failure and what rest looks like when…
1 Aug 2023 1 hr 01 min

The Nxumalo sisters sit down (Q&A)

Today, I am joined by my younger sister, Nothando Nxumalo. She is my favourite person alive, so naturally we laughed a lot, opened up a bit about our relationship with loss, relationships, and how we learned to not abandon ourselves. She asked me some very good questions, so join the…
4 Jul 2023 1 hr 02 min

A conversation about trust & letting go

In this episode, I chat with the founder of Globalize Yourself Stereo, Xolisa Tshomela. He shares with us his journey from partnering with big brands to being a fully Independent Artist/Creator. Trusting Spirit, letting go of fear, and stepping into his God-given gift for music.
6 Jun 2023 1 hr 05 min

10 things my Momma taught me

I had a random thought about all the things my mom has taught me in this life. I managed to capture 10 things, as my love note to both myself and her as Mother's Day approaches. There will always be more and never enough of you, Mom.
14 May 2023 8 min