AfricaLink on Air — 31 May 2023

Zimbabweans living without work permits in South Africa have 30 days to leave+++WFP finally delivers food aid to Sudan
31 May English Germany News

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AfricaLink on Air — 02 October 2023

Three killed in Liberian election campaign clashes+++ Is Ethiopia on the brink of a new war?+++What's it like in drug rehab at a government center in Tanzania?
2 Oct 29 min

AfricaLink on Air – 29 September 2023

Niger leaders are celebrating the exit of French ambassador to the west African country. It follows an order for him to leave as relations between Niger under a ruling junta and France breaks down. France also plans to withdraw its troops in Niger by the end of year. But what…
29 Sep 29 min

AfricaLink on Air -28 September 2023

Burkina Faso coup attempt +++ Two women activists from Africa and two organizations were presented with this year’s Right Livelihood Award +++,Corruption in Guinea under a junta
28 Sep 29 min

AfricaLink on Air - 26 September 2023

Mali Presidential elections postponed +++ Tanzania-Zambia fuel pipeline under construction +++ Nigeria's diphtheria outbreak +++ E-learning becoming popular in Kenya
26 Sep 29 min