ECR Newswatch @ 10H00

The Department of Correctional Services has confirmed that Thabo Bester - the convict dubbed the Facebook rapist did not die in a fire at Mangaung Correctional Centre.
26 Mar 4AM English South Africa News

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ECR Newswatch @ 12H00

Ethekwini Municipality says a man's been handed over to police after he was allegedly found in possession of large packets of drugs during a clean-up operation in the city.
3 Jun 6AM 2 min

ECR Newswatch @ 11H00

The Chinese government has offered to provide sun panels and generators to power schools and hospitals during loadshedding.
3 Jun 5AM 3 min

ECR Newswatch @ 10H00

Seven people have been killed in a shooting at Umlazi's Glebelands Hostel, south of Durban.
3 Jun 4AM 4 min

ECR Newswatch @ 18H00

Nearly a dozen new cholera cases have been confirmed in the last 24 hours.
2 Jun 12PM 3 min