Afternoon Drive - Ntokozo Mbambo - Gospel singer

13.03.2023 - The Afternoon Drive teams sits down Ntokozo Mbambo, renowned gospel singer, songwriter, worship leader, and member of the Jesus Collective.

In this episode, Ntokozo shares her insights on maintaining perspective on Jesus amidst the distractions of everyday life and how to keep the focus on God even during challenging moments and how worship can be a powerful tool for connecting with God. She speaks candidly about the importance of the Word during difficult times and how it can sustain and uplift us when we're in the valley.

Ntokozo's message will inspire and motivate you to embrace your unique way of worshiping God and deepen your relationship with Jesus. Tune in to this episode to hear her words of wisdom and experience the transformative power of worship.
13 Mar English South Africa Christianity · News

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