AfricaLink on Air - 16 March 2023

The re-election of Gianni Infantino as FIFA president +++ The West's Love Affair with Rwanda +++ Guinea: Friction between the junta and opposition +++ 77% Debate: How can young people avoid cyberhackers? +++ A taboo-breaking artist in Sierra Leone
16 Mar English Germany News

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AfricaLink on Air - 07 June 2023

Kenya's controversial bill on taxation+++African economist+++Rwanda react to genocide suspect case in The Hague+++ Malawi revokes citizenship of Burundians and Rwandans+++Showbiz
7 Jun 29 min

The 77 Percent— Behind the filters: challenges influencers face

Do you trust the glamorous show of success some influencers always display on social media? One of the biggest challenges for influencers is striking a balance between maintaining authenticity and meeting the expectations of their audience and brand collaborations.
6 Jun 19 min

AfricaLink on Air - 06 June 2023

Nigeria's unions suspend fuel subsidy strike+++Rwandan teens petition government on access to contraceptives+++UN Russian Language Day
6 Jun 29 min

AfricaLink on Air - 05 June 2023

Cholera deathtoll rises in Cameroon+++Kenya grapples with cholera outbreak at Daadab refugee camp+++South Africans blame government for cholera outbreak
5 Jun 29 min

The 77 Percent —Phone Addiction

How many hours do you regularly spend on your phone? Do you consider yourself a phone addict? We spoke with young people in Malawi and The Gambia. #77Percent #DWAfrica
2 Jun 19 min