ECR Newswatch @ 13H00

President Cyril Ramaphosa says 2023 will be a time for a fresh start.
31 Dec 2022 4AM English South Africa News

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ECR Newswatch @ 18H00

Minister of Electricity Kgosientsho Ramokgopa says he does not believe load shedding will exceed Stage 5 or 6 this winter.
24 Mar 12PM 3 min

ECR Newswatch @ 17H00

The Deputy President has bemoaned the impact of stigma and discrimination on the country's fight against TB.
24 Mar 11AM 3 min

ECR Newswatch @ 16H00

The following story might not be suitable for young listerners as it involves child sexual assault. A Durban man convicted of raping a teenage neighbour he was meant to be looking after will be locked up for a long time.
24 Mar 10AM 2 min

ECR Newswatch @ 15H00

Massmart says it will not budge from its wage offer of 4.5 percent for Makro employees.
24 Mar 9AM 3 min

ECR Newswatch @ 14H00

The Phoenix Civic Movement says civic organisations and ratepayers associations in eThekwini need to work together if they are to win the battle against poor service delivery.
24 Mar 8AM 3 min