Introduction to Radio 4000

Each week, 4000 adolescent girls and young women in sub-Saharan Africa acquire HIV. Radio 4000 was created as a platform to discuss, respond and promote peer-to-peer learning about the models that work. Our goal is to amplify their voices and to center their preferences and experiences. We share stories, best practices, and tools to improve our everyday work.
28 Nov 2022 English South Africa News

Other recent episodes

It takes two

In this episode of Radio 4000, we focus on men and boys. Our guests, Thulani and Shawn, discuss how sexual, reproductive health & HIV programmes benefit from targeting the needs of men, boys and young women. They unpack the successful Coach Mpilo model. We also hear about masculinity and issues…
25 Dec 2022 32 min

PrEPping adolescent girls and young women

Oral PrEP has proven to be a highly effective strategy in preventing HIV infection in adolescent girls and young women. However, challenges remain in supporting the proper and sustained use of PrEP among this highly vulnerable group. This episode outlines the evidence and lessons from implementation, as well as key…
18 Dec 2022 28 min

The power of peers

Eastern and Southern Africa is home to 1.74 million adolescents living with HIV. In this region, AIDS is the leading cause of adolescent mortality. In this episode, we explore how investing in appropriate and quality programmes for this key group can improve relevant health outcomes and subgroups, such as those…
11 Dec 2022 30 min

Adolescent friendly services: what works?

Navigating the healthcare system can be challenging for anyone, and even more so for adolescents seeking HIV & sexual reproductive health (SRH) services. In this episode, we explore good practice examples of successful adolescent-friendly health service delivery and understand how these can be integrated into adolescent girls' SRH and HIV…
4 Dec 2022 28 min

Improving lives of adolescent girls and young women

In east and southern Africa, young women continue to be disproportionately at risk of HIV infection and other sexual and reproductive health challenges. There is an urgent need to scale-up well-designed and effective programmes that meet the sexual and reproductive health and HIV-related needs of young women in the region…
29 Nov 2022 34 min