Ngcobo mother accused of murdering her four children collapses before bail hearing

An Eastern Cape mother who is accused of murdering her four children by beating them to death with a sledgehammer collapsed before she was due to apply for bail. The children will be buried on Friday, 18 November.
It has been just over a week since Mthundezi Simayile (71) was woken up by his daughter Nomboleko (32) in his house in Ngcobo in the Eastern Cape, saying: “Tata, ndibabulele abantwana bam [Dad, I’ve killed my children],” which, Mthundezi said, will be forever etched in his mind.
The four children had been sleeping in the same rondavel as their mother, at her father’s homestead. It is alleged that Simayile bludgeoned Lizalise (11) Inganathi (9), Othalive (5) and Elihle (2) to death with a hammer.
On Thursday, Mthundezi Simayile attended his daughter’s court hearing where she was to apply for bail after being charged with four counts of murder. He had hoped she would be able to attend the funeral of her four children, scheduled for Friday.
But Nomboleko Simayile collapsed before her hearing and her bid for bail was postponed to the end of the month.
The last time Ngcobo hit the headlines was on 21 February 2018 when armed gunmen stormed the police station, and five police officers and an off-duty soldier were shot and killed. The suspects were linked to a local church called the Seven Angels Ministry. That trial is ongoing.
On Thursday, the Ngcobo Magistrates’ Court was packed with villagers who had mostly come to support Mthundezi Simayile during his daughter’s bail application.
“It still hasn’t sunk in that I will never see my grandchildren again. They will never sit in my lap or ask to share in my plate of food. I am not trying to defend my daughter, but I am convinced that she was possessed by evil spirits when she committed this horrendous crime,” he said.
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When his daughter’s case was about to be called, the packed courtroom heard the State prosecutor tell magistrate Mohammed Ahmed that she had collapsed inside the holding cells.
Ahmed postponed the bail application to 29 November and ordered that Simayile be remanded in custody.
Her father said: “I cannot believe that her children are going to be buried without her attending their funeral.”
At the Simayile family homestead in Tsalaba village, villagers gathered to pay their last respects to the family. Women sat outside peeling vegetables while men clustered ...