Little Boxes?

The government target for building houses in the UK is 300,000 a year, but over the past few years only around half that number have been constructed. The sector faces many challenges; labour and skills shortages and rapidly rising prices for raw materials, not to mention uneven planning laws and green building commitments.

Are they building the homes the country needs and where it needs them? Evan Davis and guests discuss.


Ben Dimson, Partner, Property Sector, McKinsey

Peter Truscott, CEO, Crest Nicholson

Rico Wojtulewicz, Head of Housing and Planning, National Federation of Builders

Presenter: Evan Davis
Producers: Julie Ball and Lucinda Borrell
Editors: Hugh Levinson and Jon Bithrey
Sound: James Beard, Rod Farquhar
Production Co-ordinators: Siobhan Reed and Helena Warwick-Cross