EP141: Odette van der Haar - a Creative Suit

On this week’s The DOC & The GURU Podcast, we chat with the multi-talented Odette van der Haar. So in a very interesting episode that ranges from the start of her entrepreneurial journey selling fried fish bones as a little school girl, all the way to running the Association for Communications and Advertising (ACA), then 2 massive advertising agencies, being a media personality, presenter of Business Beat on the Morning Show on eTV, as well as a business and marketing consultant – it’s all here.

Don’t miss out to hear about her views on advertising agencies that have lost the ability to be agile and have too many unnecessary steps in the process that waste time and adds cost – instead of using smart and effective ways of working. She also discusses transformation in the sector, and the good intentions but poor execution and implementation of the Marketing, Advertising and Communication (MAC) Charter, where she was deeply involved.

Her strong opinions on transformation include; that there should be a process of real skills development with empowerment and enablement, learning and teaching every day, the genuine action of helping your neighbour, no fear of redundancy, and that transformation is not viewed as a punitive measure. In addition, she is equally concerned about large parts of society that have a blame mind-set, a hand-out culture and a disease of corruption.

So, if you want to hear about living with ‘no regrets – only life lessons’, don’t miss this episode of The DOC & The GURU Podcast – for free!

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