Quincy Molope On The Shift

Quincy is the founder of Hello Coach K and A Million Girls Foundation, host of The 5 Question Podcast, she sits on the board of The Mamelodi Initiative, the resident Career Coach at SLVC Online London Voice Academy and was recently a contributing writer for The Global Business Playbook. Her initiatives include #WomanYouArePower, #ReinventionAfrica and a short audio series called Career Ready.
Her work centres on the empowerment of girls and women, ensuring that they are able to build and create their own economic and financial freedom.
At Hello Coach we use a purpose-driven approach to help young women, these are pen-ultimate students to young professionals, in realising their career goals to economic and finical freedom, where-as at A Million Girls is where we start to have the conversation a little bit younger and endeavour to gift menstruating girls the gift of period freedom and ultimately with uninterrupted education so that they start to build a better foundation to economic and financial freedom too