The man who came back from the dead

The incredibly story of Ivan Skyba, the sole survivor of one of the worst atrocities of the war in Ukraine. In March 2022, Russian troops shot dead eight unarmed men in a mass execution in the town of Bucha, outside Kiev. But incredibly, one man who the Russians thought they’d killed , managed to survive the massacre. The BBC’s special correspondent Fergal Keane traveled to Ukraine to uncover what happened and meet Ivan Skyba, the man who came back from the dead.

Photo: Ivan Skyba who survived the massacre at 144 Yablunska Street in Bucha, Ukraine (BBC)

Reporter: Fergal Keane
Producers: Orsi Szoboszlay and Alex Last
Fixers: Sofiia Kochmar-Tymoshenko, Viacheslav Shramovych, Rostyslav Kubik
Series Editor: Penny Murphy
Studio Mix: Graham Puddifoot and Neil Churchill
Production Coordinators: Gemma Ashman and Iona Hammond