EP134: The Marketing Achievement Awards - Taryn Jankes

In our second episode that celebrates finalists in the Rising Stars category (top young SA marketers) for this year’s Marketing Achievement Awards, The DOC & The GURU chat with Taryn Jankes, a Social Media Specialist at Discovery Ltd.

In a very interesting half-hour, she shares about her ‘always-on’ journey at Discovery and how there’s ‘never a boring day’. So listen in to hear how the company values both young voices making an impact as well as the senior voices of leadership, as Taryn works alongside top leaders like Adrian Gore, Hylton Kallner and others on various social media platforms.
Managing an entire ecosystem with authenticity and trust are huge attributes in messaging, as Discovery engages with the top thought leaders and exerts in their respective fields to provide timeous and accurate information to their customers, across all of their business units.

This was evidenced and extremely impressive with their highly visible, national Covid-19 Drive to Vaccinate work over the past 2 years.
We also look at transparency and the right amount of communication, media reporting models, analytics and optimising content, the Edelman Trust Barometer, and fighting against some social media algorithms that radically favour negative content over positive. Taryn furthermore shares critical skills for marketers of today and into the future; have the courage to try and to test – use various platforms to see how your own data works on them – and make more data-driven decisions.

This is another insightful The DOC & The GURU Podcast – as we wish Taryn, and the other finalists, all the best for the upcoming awards.

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