EP129: Napsta and The Next Chapter...

This week we have a BONUS episode of The DOC & The GURU Podcast, as we welcome back one of our first, and very specials guests...Napoleon Napsta Masinga.

As a talented multi-potentialite, we look at what he has been up to with his creative journey, in both comedy and the advertising agency - with a specific emphasis on authentic thinking, creation and execution in mother tongue. Being an independent creative consultant, mixing with a lot of people and working with many different agencies, we enquire whether the industry has in fact progressed or not.

We also examine the creative and comedy scene in Cape Town, him building a bridge between that and Johannesburg, and then the very exciting announcement that he has been invited to talk at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and is taking the best SA creative stories abroad to share in both the USA and then the UK.

And in other fantastic news, he is now also working with young creatives and collaborating with a host of senior people, who are sharing their life/business lessons across various areas, in a mentorship/give-back event, called The Next Chapter, sponsored by Coronation. So, if you want to find out more or attend this in Johannesburg on Saturday, the 4th June, at the TBWA Hunt Lascaris Building, please find more details in the comments section below.

As we always say, you need to constantly grow yourself to be in the know, so if you’re in marketing or media and want to hear from a line-up of top speakers, don’t miss out and register now to discover your…Next Chapter.

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