Bishop Joshua Maponga On The Lunchify

What an enthralling and insightful interview between the versatile Khwezi Mthembu and Bishop Joshua Maponga the Creative Powerhouse, musician, motivational speaker, pan-Africanist, businessman and ordained bishop of the Pentecostal and Evangelical communities. The overall theme was centered around being African in the “civilized age”, what it means for the future and what is being left behind but should not be because it is the very essence of being children from KwaNtu. They touched on the importance of being one with nature, instead of relying on the disconnected theories of what civilization is. In the words of Bishop Maponga, “Real civilization is preservation”. They took a dive into concepts such as a borderless Africa, western governance being used to govern Africans, how we need to come home to our true nature and the misfortune of Africans always being the ones who have to negotiate their part of the table. Summing it up, it all boils down to “Sankofa”, meaning to look back on where we come from in order to know where we are going.