Running a Succcessful Tutor Centre

When learning from home, one of the most important aspects is socialising and in order for learners who are a part of the Virtual School network, to continue to socialise is to belong to a tutor centre. Where not only can learners socialise but they can also benefit from additional learning.
12 Jan 2022 English South Africa Kids & Family

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Your Pathway to an International Degree

With many different options of schooling today, its often a dilemma for parents to decide which type of learning works best not only for the learner at the time but for their future. Hugo Mendes discusses the options for the future in this episode of Education Round Table
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Special Needs

Cambrilearn is a program that works for all children. Including those with special needs. Hugo Mendez discusses this at the Education Round table with other experts.
12 Jan 2022 1 hour