R500,000 investment challenge: Magnus Heystek vs Piet Viljoen

A BizNews community member has called for an end to the local vs offshore investment debate. The member, who wishes to stay anonymous, has given Piet Viljoen and Magnus Heystek each half a million rand to invest on their behalf. The challenge is simple; which money manager can grow the initial principle the most in a five-year time horizon. Brenthurst founder Magnus Heystek has been advocating offshore investments and diversification for the better part of a decade. He has been very successful, generating superior returns for his clients. Magnus focuses on global investment themes, such as biotech and healthcare, which have outperformed significantly. He is confident offshore investment will continue to come up trumps and has allocated R500,000 in a mix of the following investment products: the Franklin US Opportunities Fund, funds managed by Anthony Ginsberg, and the Brenthurst Global Equity Fund. Piet Viljoen has kept it simple and put his money where his mouth is, investing the entire R500,000 in a fund that he manages, the Counterpoint Value Fund. Piet says there are outstanding opportunities in the South African market, with the small to mid-cap space largely neglected and this creates opportunities. The Counterpoint Value Fund has done incredibly well over the past three years, generating compound annual returns of 18.5% compared to 8.5% for the JSE All Share Index. Two top managers going head to head, may the best man win.