Season2 EP20: South African influencer marketing in the global landscape

In this episode, we’re in conversation with Ryan Silberman, an Industrial Engineer and 2014 Jewish Entrepreneur of the year. He successfully co-founded, built and exited ad-tech company Popimedia - Facebook's only Marketing Partner in Africa. And is currently the CEO of Webfluential - an Influencer Marketing platform reaching over 2-billion people.

Grab a coffee and listen as we discuss:
• Where South Africa fits into the global influencer marketing landscape
• New tech and AI tools and how it assist with creating more effective influencer campaigns
• The David Guetta and Mum champagne collaboration we weren’t even aware of

Listen to the episode here:

This episode is brought to you by theSALT, the first to market nano influencer channel in South Africa and part of SA’s #1 influencer marketing group, Nfinity.

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