David Shapiro on US tech, Ascendis, Bell and Sibanye

Sasfin Securities David Shapiro shares his insight on developments taking place in local and international financial markets. Shapiro, who follows a growth-oriented investment style, has a busy week with a number of US tech giants releasing quarterly results over the next few days. He says he’ll be keeping a close eye on the likes of Amazon and Facebook, both for different reasons. In the local market, small-cap stocks Ascendis Health and Bell Equipment dominate the conversation. The Bell family’s lowball offer to shareholders, which was made at a 40% discount to its share price prior to the announcement, is discussed at length. After two years at the helm of Ascendis, Mark Sardi has announced his resignation following shareholders’ approval of the restructuring deal that will most likely see the health and wellness group depart the JSE. Lastly, ways to manage your portfolio during a high inflationary environment wrap up the interview.