#reSPEKKThePlug S03E06: (Sort Of) Getting Back To Regular Programming

SpekkTrumn returns with another episode, after taking a break after the loss of Dodger. He talks about why Tanto Wavie's Sungura Museve is album of the year and comparisons between ProBeatz Twenty Five and Before I Go Underground. Also what is to become of Jnr Brown's career?

Episode Playlist:

Chief Chino - Chino Ndiani?
Tanto Wavie - Mudhipisi
Tanto Wavie - Takura
Probeatz - Dzimwe Nguva
Probeatz - MaStandards
VI the Law - Van Choga (REMIX) (Feat. Chief Chino, Kuda K, Soko Matemai, Myneim & Reap3r)
Marcques & Mile - Monopoly

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