EP86: Crocs. Veldskoens. And Guavas. Lundi Khoisan - How to become an overnight success in only 10 Years

As part of our ongoing focus on young South Africans with a voice and something important to say, this week on the #DocAndGuru podcast we chat with MixFM Radio Presenter and Kyknet TV personality Lundi Khoisan.

Coming all the way from the bright lights of Wellington to the loadshedding of Gauteng, Lundi is as earthy as a Boland bredie and proud of it; although even we couldn’t coax a trademark “Lekker” out of her on this show.

And there’s no better example of what it takes to “become an overnight success in 10 years” because our guest today holds a BDram. Hons degree from the University of Stellenbosch and qualifications from the Wits Radio Academy (cum laude) the AAA School of Advertising. Lundi has worked her way up pretty much every rung on the radio broadcast ladder and is setting a great example to all young South Africans, on putting back what you take out, by lecturing to drama students at the University of Pretoria.

So if you’re young and looking for some tips on getting into #media then join us this week as one of Mzansi’s rising stars talks about her journey. And you can find out whether Lundi will be will be wearing Crocs or Veldskoens to the Olympics in Japan this week.

And as a special listening bonus, this week on The Doc and The Guru Podcast we also hand out our very first industry award. Listen in #free and find out who is the first recipient of the not so highly prized Doc and Guru Guava Award. #GuavaAward