#reSPEKKThePlug: Xtra Wattage - The Boom Baptist Episode

On this special episode of #reSPEKKThePlug: Xtra Wattage SpekkTrumn chats to Reap3r about his new album (The Boom Baptist), timelines and why visuals are necessary. VI the Law also make an appearance to talk about why Superhero is special.

Episode Playlist:

Reap3r - Superhero (Feat. SoulDeep)
Reap3r - Matarenda
Reap3r - Takes Little To Knx Doe
Reap3r - Body (Feat. VI the Law)
Reap3r - For Yourself (Feat. VI the Law)
Reap3r - The Rain (Feat. Dancehall Keddah)

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