EP83: Greg Baillie – Nick Kyrgios and the Tik Tok Onion Principle

Known as Douyin in its native China, Tik Tok is redefining the concept of short-form video for brands around the world through an AI-powered, feed-style interface which allows users to create and share vertical video clips lasting up to 15-seconds, and consume & comment on UGC.

This week on The Doc and Guru The Podcast we chat with Greg Baillie @Webfluential Head of Growth (HOG) about how Tik Tok is making waves in the local market.

Since being launched by ByteDance in 2016 Tik Tok has been downloaded more than one billion times globally and Tik Tok’s mounting influence in youth culture is challenging every traditional digital media platform offering.

Of course the moment we start juxtaposing Tik Tok against traditional digital media platforms that in itself is a powerful media statement.
Traditional digital media. How’s that for premature digital ageing!
But engaging with Tik Tok is a little bit like watching Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon. Deep down inside you know he’s simply outrageous. And so infuriating. But so entertaining and compelling that you just can’t stop watching him.

So is Tik Tok just a big audience generator or do its ad-formats like brand takeover and in-feed native video allow for a deeper, more integrated creative interface?

Listen in and subscribe free to The Doc and The Guru Podcast as Greg Baillie talks about the importance of early creative engagement and matching brand to content. About an inside the creative content-onion magnetism rather than the traditional through the creative content-onion push for attention.

When it comes to #media Greg Baillie might be the HOG but is Tik Tok the GOAT?

Find out on this week’s The Doc and The Guru Podcast