#0  SPECIAL EPISODE: Hypnosis Masterclass

Two of South Africa's leading hypnotherapists, Thomas Budge and Yvonne Munshi, have plans to present a Masterclass in Habits and Addiction. The five-day workshop was planned to debut in South Africa in September 2021 before travelling to the rest of the worl, but Covid-19 has forced a change in plan.

In this episode we hear about their research and experience that informs this unique workshop aimed at qualified and experienced hypnotherapists. They talk how their combined knowledge has been brought together in their book and how they are planning to present this workshop.
They discuss the difference between habits and addictions, as well as how the workshop will benefit not only hypnotherapists, but their clients too.

Then they reveal the special plans they have made to accommodate the Covid-19 concerns, still giving hypnotherapists the opportunity to participate, yet keeping them safe.

Learn more on http://hypnosismasterclass.pro and book today.