EP72: Zero Ratings & the 6 Prawn Theory - Kelvin Storie

There is no terrain on the traditional media landscape that has been more scrutinized than TV expenditure. Every cent. Every spot. Every rating point has to be accounted for. TV post campaign analysis has virtually created the twilight zone that is media auditing.

So what happens when you buy a spot that appears to have no audience?
In this episode of The Doc and The Guru Podcast we chat with Kelvin Storie – Principal: Media Strategy & Insights DSTV Media Sales about the crucial issue of Zero Ratings (ZR).

DSTV Media Sales recently hosted a live industry webinar to outline the scale of the issue and to address some of the contributing factors and planned solutions. In this episode Kelvin Storie unpacks some of the key issues arising from that webinar.

What is a Zero Rating? Does a ZR automatically imply a lower audience? Is it a technical issue or does it simply reflect the reality of streaming and video consumption on other platforms? Is this a global phenomenon and how do we compare against global norms? Are we outliers or just on a different point of the path being travelled by other countries?

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