How do we better capitalise on our hard earned freedom?

As you’ve heard in that song by Letta Mbulu entitled, Not yet Uhuru, which is a Swahili word for freedom. She describes the state of freedom in our country and what it really means. Looking at the state of the country’s economy, joblessness, corruption, free education and the list goes on, how do we capitalise on the hard earned freedom so many people died for? The 27th of April should be a day of jubilation in the country, but with so much happening on the ground, how do we look forward to that day? What do we say to those who are facing hardships today? As a politician, how do I use the names of those who passed on before me to improve somebody’s life out there?

Guest: Dr pali Lehohla – Former Statistician General

Guest: David Letsoalo – A Sankarist, activist and law academic

Guest: Tshidi Setai – Social Commentator