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Higher Education, Science and innovation minister, Blade Nzimande, says research into the 501Y.V2 variant which has been discovered in South Africa, show that persons infected with the variant have developed antibodies to guard against re-infection. The research was done by the KwaZulu Natal Research Informatics and Sequencing Programme (KRISP). South Africa has commenced its vaccination programme targeting healthcare workers, using the Johnson and Johnson vaccine which has proven effective against the variant. Nzimande has briefed the media on the results of the research into the variant......

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< we have spent R69.4 million in funding for covid19 research and innovation. Covering a total of 21 projects. We now know that individuals who happened to be infected with the 501yv2 during now the second wave would have developed antibodies against reinfection. Or possibly by pre-existing variants. >