eNCA mask incident deliberately designed to tarnish Lindsay Dentlinger’s career - DA

DA MP and DA Shadow Minister of Finance has defended eNCA political reporter, Lindsay Dentlinger, who is at the centre of a social media storm over alleged racism. This follows video footage of her interviews with Freedom Front Plus leader, Pieter Groenewald, and the DA's John Steenhuisen without their masks on, while she reportedly requested several Black political leaders, including UDM Chief Whip Nqabayomzi Kwankwa, to keep theirs on - went viral on social media. Geordin Hill-Lewis says the video was edited in a manner to portray Lindsay as racist. Geordin has also questioned why eNCA hasn't bothered to show the footage to prove their colleague is not a racist He has also asked if there is an agenda to destroy her career?
Guest: Geordin Hill-Lewis, DA MP and DA Shadow Minister of Finance