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Overclocked ZA

15 EPISODES | CLOCKERS MEDIA |  Podcast, ±23 min episode every 2 weeks, 6 days
SA tech news, views and how-tos, packed into 15 minutes a week. Hosted by SA tech industry veterans Lindsey Schutters and Gavin Dudley who dispense practical, common sense advice for living a digital lifestyle.

The Twitter Blurb

The Twitter Blurb will be aimed at sparking debate and critical thought around issues that
concern young people and how they are presented via Twitter. We hope to be informative by
creating a space to start a conversation around online current events and political discourse.
The podcast will consist of conversational and informal discussions around different issues
that have arisen from Twitter that concern the young people of Makhanda and the wider
South African environment. We will look at specific topics in each episode of the podcast,
adapting our general theme of Twitter discourse to issues around things like cancel culture,
the manipulation of trends, retraction, and the ways people use the platform for creating
different personas. The podcast hopes to question how people view Twitter as an efficient
social arena for the presentation of issues concerning young people.

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