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The Festival Business

There are thousands of festivals in the UK each year and millions of us go to them. But as an organiser how do you make any money? Do logistics and the British weather make them a risky business? Every year festivals get cancelled and some cease trading. Profit margins are tight, say organisers, and set-up costs are high. A big festival may have to pay more a million pounds to secure a top headline act.

Evan Davis and guests discuss mud, music and hard cash.

Syima Aslam, co-founder and director of the Bradford Literature Festival
Ian Stockley, chief executive of the Bath Festivals.
Simon Taffe, co-founder of the End of The Road Festival.


The UK has been a global leader in the Advertising Industry since the end of the last century. But like many businesses it's now facing disruption from technology. Pop up banners on the internet and social influencers are cheaper and more immediate. Evan Davis and guests discuss whether a data driven approach to advertising will eventually kill creativity.


Sir John Hegarty, Co-Founder BBH

Rohan Midha, Managing Director, PMYB

Rory Sutherland, Vice-chairman, Ogilvy

Producer: Julie Ball.

How does the commodities business work?

Commodities are the raw materials which oil the wheels of the modern economy. From minerals to crude oil to coffee, Evan Davis and guests look at how the business of buying and selling commodities works and why it matters to all of us.


Andrew Gowers, Global Head of Corporate Affairs, Trafigura

Jean-Francois Lambert, Founder, Lambert Commodities

Colin Hamilton, MD Commodities Research, BMO Capital Markets.

Why do companies do bad things?

Social media giants mishandle data, banks mis-sell PPI insurance, engineers arrange for cars to cheat emissions tests. Why do companies sometimes do bad things? Evan Davis and guests discuss whether it's by accident or deliberate. Coverage of business wrongdoing often focuses on bad individuals but how far can a company's culture be blamed?
Nick Leeson, the original 'rogue trader'
Sara George, Partner, Stephenson Harwood
Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology, Norwegian Business School.

Should CEOs have term limits?

In some countries politicians have fixed term limits. What would happen if the same principle applied to CEOs? On average bosses in the UK stay for just under six years. But founder chief executives stay much longer. Evan Davis and guests discuss whether chief executives know when their time is up?


Martin Gilbert, co-ceo, Aberdeen Standard Investments.
Margaret Heffernan, author and entrepreneur
Catherine Bright, a leadership consultant with Spencer Stuart.


Is becoming a franchisee a good way to start your own business? Evan Davis and guests discuss the ups and downs of franchising. GUESTSKen Deary, Franchisor Right at HomeRachana Pancholi, Franchisee, SubwayRos Goldstein Goldstein LegalProducer: Julie Ball.

Is any company ever invulnerable?

Facebook, Apple, Google, or Amazon. Dominant companies that today look unassailable. But similar claims were made about MySpace, Tesco, Microsoft, Kodak and Polaroid. However, these companies turned out to be more vulnerable than anyone thought. Evan Davis and guests discuss invulnerability, complacency and hubris in corporations. Guests:Sean Percival, entrepreneur and former Vice President for Online Marketing at MySpaceDr Kamal Munir, Reader in Strategy and Policy at the Judge Business School, University of CambridgeMartin Franklin, Head of Global Marketing at Polaroid Originals.

Will 5G revolutionise our lives?

The next generation of mobile technology - 5G - will be rolled out from 2019. It will enable faster streaming on our mobile phones and tablets and speed up the 'internet of things', allowing thousands of computers to 'talk' to each other. The fifth generation mobile network also has applications that could be used in public safety and healthcare. But will the UK build the infrastructure - installing more fibre and small communications masts - to benefit from this new technology? Joining Evan Davis for the debate will be:Derek McManus, Chief Operating Officer at Telefonica UK, which owns O2.Professor Dimitra Simeonidu, Director of the Smart Lab at Bristol Universityand Kyle Brown, Head of Technology at Samsung Electronics.

The EU after Brexit – A special programme together with The Briefing Room

Radio 4’s Bottom Line and Briefing Room will combine in a special hour-long programme examining the economic and political future of the EU once Britain has left. Evan Davis meets Jean-Claude Trichet – former president of the European Central Bank – and is joined by a panel of business leaders from across the EU. David Aaronovitch will look at the politics of the EU and its future direction. France’s President Macron has outlined a vision of a profoundly transformed and more unified EU. But do all the EU’s members support such a vision? And what might a more integrated bloc on its doorstep mean for Britain?Producers: Tim Mansel, Serena Tarling and Lesley McAlpine

Is strategy necessary for success?

What is strategy and why do businesses need it? What distinguishes a good strategy from a bad one or a non-strategy? Not to be confused with goals or a company's ambition, strategy is a word that is often mis-used and misapplied. But in reality it can make the difference between success and failure - especially if it's adaptable to changes in the market. Evan Davis looks at where companies have got strategy right and where it's gone badly wrong.GUESTS:Michael Jacobides - Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at The London Business School.Jacqueline de Rojas, President of Tech UKAnn Cairns, President of International Markets, MasterCard.

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