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LRC: Surviving the Classroom

Educator and other school staff sexual misconduct has wide-ranging consequences for learners’ physical and psychological well-being, school performance and attendance. Schools are meant to be places of safety for learners. Instead, they have become one of the places where learners are most vulnerable to abuse. The sexual abuse of pupils goes far beyond sports coaches at elite schools; it happens in schools across the board and in all provinces.

The Legal Resources Centre has created a podcast that not only unpacks how sexual misconduct presents a barrier to girls’ right to education but also considers how we can address the current failure of the education system to adequately protect girl learners.

If you are a learner who has experienced or think you have experienced sexual abuse, or if you are a concerned parent or educator, the Legal Resources Centre can assist you. For assistance or more information, please contact Charlene Kreuser at or Amy-Leigh Payne at

This podcast is brought to you by the LRC in partnership with the Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa.
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3 Episodes

Episode 1: Human Rights Organisation | The Justice Desk

Join Charlene Kreuser, a Candidate Attorney at The Legal Resources Centre, as she sits down with Jessica Dewhurst, the CEO of The Justice Desk, to discuss a critical issue plaguing our education system: the high prevalence of sexual abuse by teachers. In this revealing conversation, Jessica will shed light on…
Season 1 / Episode 1 21 min

Episode 2: Experiences From The Classroom

Charlene Kreuser, a Candidate Attorney at The Legal Resources Centre, delves into the experiences of girls in school with special guests Lilitha Madikizela, the Justice Desk’s social worker, Rutendo Mugwara, who recently finished matric, and Neshika Botha, a high school learner. This episode provides an important perspective on the daily…
Season 1 / Episode 2 29 min

Episode 3: Legal aspects: unpacking teacher sexual abuse

In this episode, Charlene Kreuser, A Candidate Attorney at The Legal Resources Centre, talks to Sherylle Dass, the Cape Town Regional Director of the Legal Resources Centre. Sherylle shares insights on what constitutes teacher sexual abuse, the legal protections available to learners, the gaps in the current law, and what…
Season 1 / Episode 3 15 min