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SPCA calls for government intervention as they are overrun with pit bulls

Pit bulls are being dropped off at Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) branches across the country at unprecedented rates amid growing calls to ban the animals in South Africa. The increase in pit bulls being surrendered to the SPCA has placed a strain on the animal…
13 Dec 2022 2PM 3 min

How well did SA’s medicines regulator Sahpra perform in 2022?

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority has often made the headlines in recent years – whether in relation to Covid-19 vaccines, access to ivermectin, the approval of an HIV-prevention injection or, most recently, the clearing of inherited backlogs. Catherine Tomlinson assesses the state of South Africa’s medicines regulator as…
13 Dec 2022 2PM 17 min

Athlone fire victims forced to sleep outside months after informal settlement blaze

Residents contest list of names given to the City’s Disaster Risk Management Centre. About 43 adults and 18 children have been sleeping outside in makeshift structures at Vygieskraal informal settlement in Athlone. The families say they can’t afford to rebuild their shacks that were destroyed by a fire on 22…
12 Dec 2022 8AM 3 min

‘Bizarre’ case reveals how some magistrates lack adequate training

Man convicted without having pleaded or charges being put to him. A “bizarre” case in which a maintenance defaulter was found guilty and sentenced when charges were never put to him and he never pleaded has highlighted an embarrassing lack of training of magistrates in maintenance and family courts. “Mistakes…
12 Dec 2022 8AM 4 min

Nearly R2-billion for apartheid reparations remain unallocated and unspent

The President’s Fund is growing as apartheid’s victims wait. For almost two months, about 150 victims of apartheid have been sleeping outside the Constitutional Court as part of the Khulumani Galela Campaign. They say they qualify for apartheid reparations from the President’s Fund but they have not received them. The…
12 Dec 2022 6AM 7 min

Public sector workers march to Parliament, reject 3% wage increase

Unions are demanding 10%. Inflation is just shy of 8%. Amina Pinto says she has been working as a nurse for more than 40 years and takes home R15,000 a month. “I’ve been a senior staff nurse and that is my salary,” she said. She joined about 70 other public…
9 Dec 2022 10AM 2 min

At the intersection — how recognising multiple identities can improve science

A panel of leading gender experts at the World Science Forum explains why intersectionality is critical to producing relevant, equitable and just science — for the benefit of everyone. In May 1976, Emma DeGraffenreid, an African American woman, unsuccessfully sued General Motors Assembly Division in St Louis where she had…
9 Dec 2022 7AM 10 min

Published bill a win for sex workers’ rights

The public has until 31 January 2023 to submit comments on the draft Criminal Law (Sexual Offences And Related Matters) Amendment Bill, which will see the buying and selling of sex decriminalised in South Africa. The driving force behind the bill is a commitment to protecting sex workers and combating…
9 Dec 2022 7AM 6 min

Winner: Gauteng Department of Health’s Babita Deokaran

Acting chief financial officer at the Gauteng Department of Health Babita Deokaran paid with her life for taking a stand against corruption. Four South Africans are on this year’s international Blueprint for Free Speech awards, which recognise whistle-blowers’ courage to speak out and to expose injustice and wrongdoing. One of…
9 Dec 2022 5AM 7 min

Winner: Pearl Pillay; Runners-up: Shudufhadzo Musida & Lebohang Masango

Pearl Pillay is paving the way for young people’s rights in South Africa. Not many people can claim to have started their careers like Pearl Pillay. On the day Pillay met the directors of Youth Lab in 2014, she was expelled from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) for her…
9 Dec 2022 5AM 10 min
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