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This is a custom-tailored show geared to re-energize and inspire our listeners with fun, laughter, infotainment, and great music that captures the midday mood. Midday Boost wraps up the ‘hectic’ & busy AM Drive morning for the ‘In Transit’ listener or those who are settling in the office to kick start the work day by offering a more vibrant listener driven music playlist.

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#MiddayBoost / Why do you deserve flowers with Linda Majola

There's more to him than what meets the eye. He's racked up a number of fans through his viral comedic skits on social media.

Now they get to see a whole different side of him after he made his acting debut on the Showmax original telenovela, The Wife. Besides being a rising star, Linda Majola (25) runs a food business. When Covid-19 hit and the lockdown was implemented, he started creating content for TikTok and it went viral.

#MiddayBoost / Which people annoy you at gatherings ?

A sociable person is often thought of as one who enjoys public interaction, and in all probability, also giving, hosting parties.
To be sociable means welcoming the idea of being in a room replete with an above-average number of other guests, many of whom will be unknown, most of whom will be holding a glass of alcohol, bantering, with lights lower than they normally would be, and music somewhat higher than required in order faithfully to catch the details of another’s voice. But some people can be such a headache and overwhelming to deal with in different gathering settings. Mashel interacts with his listeners about their grievances concerning public gatherings and what they hate or dislike.

#MiddayBoost / What is your dream wedding proposal ?

If you're the marriage type, imagine asking someone to marry you or being the one who is asked (Did you know there was such a thing as a fantasy proposal?)
What did you see: a beautiful setting? Candles? Rose petals? Are you down on one knee? Is there a ring? Mashel interacts with his listeners on their preferred fantasy proposal on the #MiddayBoost.

#MiddayBoost / What was your latest dream?

Despite the lack of definitive evidence about what dreams are, it's generally accepted that dreams are about thoughts, struggles, emotions, events, people, places, and symbols that are somehow important to the dreamer. Mashel engages his listeners about their latest dream what it means to them and their personal interpretation.

#MiddayBoost with Mashel / Ways to make money through baking.

When you start selling baked goods, figuring out how much you need to start with will be your biggest hurdles.

The first step is to assess your target market. How much are other bakers charging? And for what types of products? Next, look at your own skillset. How much experience do you have? How quickly will you be able to complete the work? Learn these things with our guests on the #MiddayBoost.

#MiddayBoost / Pet names you hate being called by?

Honey, dear, love, babe we’ve all had our experiences being called pet names. But there are times when a term of endearment can become exactly the opposite. There’s a difference between being friendly and being fresh and the fine line dividing the two can sometimes be hard to read.

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