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Hosted by Professor Christopher Paul Szabo, Beyond Madness is a podcast series featuring psychiatrists in conversation, covering a range of topics related to issues in psychiatry that impact our society. Mental health issues affect us all on a daily basis, and how we deal with these issues can affect you or someone in your life at any time. This series gives you a better understanding of psychiatry and mental health.

Always remember there is no HEALTH without MENTAL HEALTH!

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Women’s Mental Health

Does women’s mental health differ from men’s mental health? Is gender a critical variable, and does it play a role in how mental illness expresses itself? These questions form part of our conversation for this episode, where we are joined by two psychiatrists - Prof. Soraya Seedat and Prof. Solly Rataemane.

Depression: A Role for Ketamine?

Depression is a debilitating condition, and medication can take weeks to provide relief. Suicide is a risk, and potential consequence. Psychiatry, as a discipline, has long sought a drug that might provide rapid resolution of both depressive symptoms, as well as suicidal thoughts. Could an anaesthetic agent, ketamine, be that drug? This week, Prof. Bonga Chiliza, a psychiatrist, and Dr Alan Howard, an emergency care physician, provide some answers.

Living with Learning Problems

Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, and Richard Branson – what do they have in common? Success, fame… and dyslexia – a specific learning disorder. Learning disorders affect many people, with the specific problem often undiagnosed, and the person misunderstood, potentially marginalised. Joining us for this episode are Dr Wendy Duncan, a sub-specialist child and adolescent psychiatrist, and Natalie Solomon, a clinical psychologist.

Dreams – individual meaning or general purpose?

Have you ever woken up, profoundly disturbed by a dream and wondered what it meant? Maybe nothing... but the images linger. Maybe dreams don’t mean anything, but if they occur as part of regular sleep, surely they serve a purpose as part of normal bodily functioning? To address these questions this week’s episode features Dr Alison Bentley and Prof Mark Solms.

Assisted Dying

Have you ever had a loved one or friend with a chronic condition, suffering, with no prospect of recovery – and they spoke of wanting to die... wishing for an end to their suffering? What if it were legally possible to assist them, to grant their wish? To discuss the controversial issue of 'assisted dying', we are joined by Prof. Willem Landman, Dr Chris Verster and Prof. Sean Davison.

Living with ADHD

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a condition associated primarily with children, but is increasingly being diagnosed in adults too. The sufferer has their own challenges to face... but what about the parents, siblings, family, spouses, partners, colleagues, peers, and teachers? How do they live or cope with the sufferer? What role can parents play when a child has ADHD? Our guests this week are psychiatrist Prof Renata Schoeman, and educational psychologist Jessica Cheesman.

The Trauma of Loss

The loss of a loved one, friend, or even a colleague is never easy. Whether the loss is directly personal or not, it generally gives pause to reflect... for thought about that person, their life, and of course our own mortality. What if the loss was a decision taken by the person in question - to end their own life, with their own hand? Every one of these deaths leaves an estimated six or more 'suicide survivors' - people who've lost someone they care about deeply, and are left with their grief and struggle to understand why it happened. Our guests this week are psychiatrist Prof Mark Goldblatt, and grief counsellor Mariska Nel.

The Psychology of Serial Killers

What is the societal fascination for serial killers all about? Who are these people who live amongst us, undetected, going about their crimes? What does it take to track them down, identify and apprehend them? This week we speak to Dr Gérard Labuschagne - a Clinical Psychologist, Criminologist, and an Advocate of the High Court with an interest in forensic and investigative psychology.

Youth and Social Media

As a parent, do you worry that your child is spending too much time on their smartphone or other electronic devices? Are you concerned that they are more connected electronically, than to you? Is this simply how it is developmentally, and are any concerns about the potential - or actual - negative impact of too much screen time just mainstream media hype and fearmongering? Child and adolescent psychiatrist, Dr Brendan Belsham, along with social media lawyer and co-founder of Klikd, Sarah Hoffman, answer these questions for us.

Divorce and Child Custody

Why should a perfectly good parent inside a marriage be potentially less so, outside of the marriage? Custody seems to equate with ownership of the child or children… is this true? It often seems that the terms “child custody” and “dispute” go hand in hand. Forensic psychologists Anthony Townsend and Giada del Fabbro weigh in on how to navigate this challenging issue.

Pregnancy and Psychiatry

Pregnancy can and should be a special time - not without challenges and discomfort, but ultimately a life giving and life affirming experience where the birth of a child should add value and meaning. But what if it doesn’t? What if things go wrong for the mother emotionally? What if the pregnancy occurs in childhood or adolescence? This week our guests are Dr Carina Marsay and Dr Alexandra Maisto.

Living with Dementia

Do you ever forget where you’ve put things, or wonder what you’re doing in a certain room? And then you remember where you left what you couldn’t find, and why you went to the room you did – and smile at your own forgetfulness, and carry on. But what if you couldn’t remember? This week we speak to Specialist Psychiatrist, Dr Ryan Fuller, and Bev Cohen, who runs a support group for families of people affected by dementia.

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