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The mainly explains Importance of God and Bible to this world and where science was failure there Bible started. 1. Extinction of Dinosaurs on the earth 2.Does science succeed in the Human Genome project? 3.Extraterrestrial creatures or confused human beings? 4. Failure of Biosphere-2 5.Major cause behind Tsunami 6.Is spectre of AIDS a making of America? 7. Bible of Yore which predicted the pollution of Today 8.Science what is your competence? 9. The life book of Baghdad revealed in Bible 10. Is protection of Israelites a pat to America? 11. Science bowed to Bible 12. The word of God challenging modern day science! 13. Oh Man! Is your Birthday a secret ? 14. The forms of Energy of God 15. Resurrection of Dead bodies 16. How does the world End? 17.Does wisdom exist in the East? 18. Unique is Man's Birth:Useless if he wouldn't know! 19.Stars that spread the knowledge of Bible in the blue sky 20. Bible revealing the accurate location of Earth 21. Birth place of the Early man Is Asia or Africa?

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The Bible truth behind the extinction of Dinosaurs

The gigantic creatures aren't as feeble as tiniest sparrows to get extinct as they are struck by the heat of the radiation. They are the roaring and most horrible creatures with unruly and awful gigantic appearance.. They are the none other than Dinosaurs... Who slaughtered them and why?
The one, who created them..he only disclosed the reasons at only one place.i.e.The Holy Bible. If it is listened to the roaring and the invaluable podcast, that has the diligently and systematically been designed through the uninterrupted research of the conqueror sir P.D.Sundararao..listen with courage.

Oh! Man is your birthday a secret

Is it your natal day today indeed...? If it is questioned them how did they come to know that...?, They may raise their index finger to point either at their parents or endeavour to show their birth certificate. If they are enquired furtherly whether there was their existence or not before getting this birth,they answer in the simplified manner that they were never there earlier than this life. They come to realise that this is their slip of toungue in talking so and admit the fact that they were there when they are questioned whether those are they who spent the span of nine months in mother's uterus. If it is so,the span of nine months has to get added to the day of birth. Isn't it? When the homan gets entered into mother's uterus to be a foetus from father for the sake a period of nine months to get shaped into a complete human form, for how long period of time has the man been living in father's womb before the man gets entered into mother's uterus....? Now,how many years are to bee added to the day of birth...? If it is so,when could be our birthday held...? Is it indeed our birthday that we celebrate on a particular date...? Or not......?

Failure of Biosphere 2

The fish must dwell in the could it be possible if it aspires to levitate on the air....? The bird should fly on the it practiciable if the bird longs to swim in the water...? Isn't it contravention to the precept....? So,where must the man have to dwell on? The man should live on the surface of the earth. isn't i? If the man conducts experiments for dwelling over the surface of the other planets by abandoning the earth planet,....will all they get happened so as the man expects indeed? This is the so called wise man, who tastes death at the initial step in reaching the space,has been disclosing his ignorance once again on the name of biosphere. The reason for this mischievous human deed is....he never went through the divine scriptures of the Holy Bible. So,listen cautiously to how God determined who should dwell where and how.....

Extraterrestrial creatures or confused Human beings

Doesn't it seem to be pretty ridiculous when these so called intellectuals, who are unable to acquire the sufficient degree of awareness about the matters that are existing on the surface of the earth, set themselves out to search whether there is the existence of the organisms over the surface of the neighbouring planets ? When it is infeasible for an organism to get survived on the surface of the satellite which lies besides the earth planet, it is not only folly but also nefariousness to spend crores of money unnecessarily on the name of the space researches about other planets of the cosmos as if there is the existence of the aliens at somewhere else over the surface of the other planets. It is quite ridiculous when the man, who hesitates to extend his helping hand to the one , who implores, reveals that he will ramify his helping hand to the aliens if at all there is their existence over the surface of other planet of the cosmos. It is completely against to the will of God since the human, who is unable to save his life over the surface of the earth, sets himself out with yearning to run for the aliens. So, give ear to the divine determination which shall bring the curtain down over this commotion.

Does wisdom exist in the East

Total amount of knowledge belongs to the West....So that, with that knowledge the whole world got prepared to press the trigger to make itself blasted off. What is the fruit of knowledge...? Is the fruit of all the acquired knowledge for the human advancement... ? Or to disfigure the whole human world ...? Does this become knowledge which can't plant the required morals and values in human and turned the human to be an apparatus and moreover to be a beast... ? No,this can't be knowledge. But ,this is the excerpt of the Western wisdom. Where can knowledge be available ... ? Where about the existence of the knowledge over the surface of the earth....? Pay attention to listen to this...

Is spectre of AIDS a making of America?

Did America create the AIDS virus?
If it is true, is it not the same county that suffered a lot? Does the most intelligent America dig its own pit? Or Did man with his terrific desires of unnatural lust, become a beast? How did Aids virus enter into human beings, when it was in Chimpanzees?
Is this the conspiracy of America? Or Extravagance of man?
Listen to the answer given by the Bible, the one and only book that can solve any social problem.

The Forms of Energy of God

Each and every spec is full of energy....This energy can neither be created nor be destructed. Which is the point of the origin of this energy, which has been spread all over the cosmos...? How it can be possible to make the status, the kinetic and the magnetic forces generated...? Indeed, how does the energy lie in versatile forms from the solar system to the system of the human body...?

To get received the most accurate answer to the above question, which remains to be an answerless one to the science of the physics, it is mostly required to get reached the Holy Bible, which is known to be the powerhouse.....One needs to know the manifestations of the power of God ....

Does Science Succeed in the Human Genome Project? No, Says Bible

The scientific intellectuals, who are bragging that they would expand the span of the human life up to 1200 years through an initiated research project named Human Genome thirty years ago by declaring that the period of time of God is over, are missing now. They announced that it would be possible for the instant expansion of the span of the human life over the surface of the earth through the prevention of the diseases which are associated with genetic. When God revealed that the life span of the man on the surface of the earth is just like water vapour, the bio-scientists threw an open challenge in contrary to the word of God that they could make it cross the span of a thousand years by rewriting the code of the human genome. But, there is no any evidence of trace for the expansion of an year at least till now.

Do you know the recent enhancement....? It has been reported that the span of an year was deducted from the absolute span of the human life over the surface of the earth due to the effect of the pandemic virus covid-19...!!!.The human genome project,which had been initiated exuberant with the expense of billions of Dollars, was collapsed to the earth by the mightiest jerk of God's project.

Come on, let's listen to God's word which could uprooted the fangs of the scientific world.

Resurrection of The Dead Bodies

There should be a certain limitation to the optimistic outlook also. The human being, who can't prevent death, is dying. Is it the knowledge of the human being, who preserves the corpse with the blend of various chemicals for several thousands of years with a hope to make it rejuvenated....? Or human ignorance...?
It is being stated that the corpse shall be preserved to be reanimated after the required medication is invented. Isn't it..?Medicine was invented to cure several many corpses did the human being make reanimated after the required medication had been invented...?Is it enough to live if there is a human frame with flesh and blood...?Is there no more need for anything else...
If this incredible thing, that proves the ignorance and the deception of the scientific world and the supreme sovereignty of God over the human lives, is heard from the Holy Bible,it brings into light what should be preserved indeed.
Come on let's listen to it.

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