The Calling with Neo

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The Calling with Neo. An emphatic show about spirituality and the calling aimed at African career driven professionals in search of clarity and guidance along their personal journey of spiritual growth and awakening. Helping professional millennials navigate and find balance between their spirituality and everyday life in a fast paced modern world.

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The calling with Neo- God Cursed Us with King Bhungane the 3rd of Embo Kingdom .

In this episode of The Calling with Neo, we interview HRM King Bhungane the 3rd of Embo Kingdom to explore and discuss the consequences and effects of prolonged generational disconnect between us today in these modern times and our ancestors who paved the way before us. Points of focus will include knowledge of practices forgotten or lost or ignored, lack of knowledge of correct leaneage and inability to accurately trace back and reference our forefather and forebears. How does this lack of knowledge of our Ancestral heritage and not practicing these rites of passage impact our aspirations and future? What can or should we be doing to fix the disconnect as an individual.
Is there a link between our Ancestral heritage / culture and our spirituality?

The Calling with Neo-Spiritual Heritage

On the Calling we get deep on the understanding heritage .With South Africa recently observing its much beloved public holiday, Heritage Day, a day in the country which many have come to enjoy or celebrate as a special occasion to braai meat and have fun under the African sun with family and friends dressed in their traditional attire it beckons us to ask if we are doing justice to the purpose of the holiday.

The Calling with Neo-women’s rites of passage for healing Ancestral Cellular Memory with Tebogo Buntu.

Episode 4th of The Calling with Neo, in honoring women and wrapping up women's month we are honored to be joined by expert guest Tebogo Buntu to discuss Afrikan women’s rites of passage for healing Ancestral Cellular Memory. In this discussion our guest will dissect and cover different indigenous practices related to menstruation, sexuality and pregnancy as well as restorative interventions such as women’s circles, dialogues with elders for intergenerational exchange of knowledge, ceremonies and upcoming retreats.

The Calling with Neo-Understanding and interpreting our dreams with Zola Xashimba.

Episode 3 - Understanding and interpreting our dreams:

We are all connected to the wisdom of the dreamscapes. Often we dream a significant dream but are unable to interpret it and sometimes our ancestors or spirit guides or angels come to us in our dreams speaking to us in a language that needs us to sit and decipher it so we can take the necessary action towards our destiny. In this episode, our host Neo - Mkhulu Nkanyamba, is joined by a special expert guest, Zola Xashimba known by the spiritual name of Gcinithongo, a Nyanga and Shaman of the Ndiki, Ndau and Camagu healing traditions of Southern Africa, to discuss the dreamscapes and the different dreams that one has as well as the powerful medicines that can help you to access and start understanding the dream realms.

The Calling with Neo

Episode 2 - Spiritual Loadshedding: Our host Neo reflects on and discusses the spiritual and practical significance of one's clear and correct knowledge of their generational bloodline and ancestral lineage and the impact thereof to one's daily life.

The Calling with Neo

In this episode of "The Calling with Neo" on Your Media our host, who's also a Traditional and Faith Medical Doctor, discusses the metaphysical void most people feel, experience and struggle with before suspecting or concluding that they have a spiritual gift or calling yearning to be fulfilled in some way or another.

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